Do you have back pain?
I specialize in treating the back
I want to help you

To do this,
we have to ask ourselves
3 essential questions.

1. Where does it hurt?

2. Why does it hurt there?

3. What can we do against it?

Important is the specific investigation in my practice with my own hands. Evaluations of MRT and X-Ray can help with the diagnosis. The questions I ask may seem irrelavant to you, but they┬┤re important for diagnosis and therapy. Please help me here - you help yourself!

Often is the actual cause of pain not there to find, where you feel the complaints. Similar complaints from different patients can have fundamentally different reasons. Thereby the therapy will differ from one patient to another.

Draw on my own experience, I have been working in my own practice in Chemnitz since 2004
Ingo Lauterlein